F or me, jewellery is a unique form of artistic expression. The vast array of possibilities that springs from marrying materials and techniques means there is always new ground to explore. As something portable and wearable it travels through our daily lives and can be a simple adornment or a piece of art that hints at both the designer’s vision and the wearer’s self-expression.
I had originally intended to be a fashion designer and was fortunate to be able to train at East Sydney Technical College’s Dress Design Studio in the early 80s – a course that taught a myriad of practical skills but also had a very strong emphasis on design for it’s own sake. But whilst my fashion designer ambition did not endure, the design principles I learned during my time there have influenced me to this day.
A long time interest in gemstones and years of working in fine jewellery stores ignited a passion, and in 2004 I left Sydney to relocate to the Blue Mountains, with a resolve to work creatively for myself. I looked around for a teacher and found renowned silversmith Valerie Aked. My subsequent training at her Silver Studio gave me the foundation I needed to be able to turn ideas into reality.

Christina Mija is an accomplished jeweller and silversmith creating wearable art in her Blue Mountains studio west of Sydney Australia. Marrying material and technique, Christina designs pieces that speak to both innovation and timeless elegance. When a woman wears a piece of Mijaqisma, she is expressing her individuality as each piece Christina designs is hand made with techniques such as hammering and fold-forming.
Designed with innovation, beauty and intricacy, a piece by Mijaqisma is a piece to be kept for a lifetime.

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